12 things guys want to ask you about sex

Most men might be too shy, clueless and polite in asking women certain questions. It is up to you ladies to tell your man what he wants to hear while in bed. What are those questions that men dare to ask but end up never asking while having sex? Well, here are some very interesting questions guys want to ask about sex:

1. How does it feel to have somebody inside you
Men are always trying to figure out how it feels to have someone inside you. Well, this experience can be felt through the anal play, but men always wonder how women feel when someone is inside them. By saying inside them, I guess you all understand what is inside where.

2. How is vaginal orgasm
Men know vaginal orgasm lasts longer, but it also appears mysterious. It looks different making men wondering how it feels.3

3. How does it feel to have multiple orgasms
Unlike men, women can have multiple orgasms before men can hit theirs. It obviously feels good for women leaving men wondering how it happens without them passing out.

fifty-shades-of-grey4. What is it with the clitoris? Well, we know how women feel when it is rubbed but what is it with it? Men have their balls but rubbing them does not bring out the sexual pleasures it brings about in women. Men would love to know more about the clitoris and how women love when it is gently rubbed.

5. Do women sometimes fake orgasm?
Well, there are periods when sex isn’t great, but women will just do it and pretend to have had the orgasm. Well, do women fake orgasm sometimes? This is sometimes common when it comes to adult entertainment where women can have sex for men.

6. Is gentle love making better than rough sex?
We all know about gentle love making and love sex. Which one is better when it comes to women? For men any can do depending on the kind of woman they are with and what they want from them.

7Is there something like too big?
Is there something like too big when it comes to a man’s dick or you just love any size? Do like it big or small or you just ignore it to avoid hurting a man’s feelings?

8. Do men look weird when at orgasm?
Well, you probably see the expression when men are at their peak. What is the expression on their face? On a scale of 1-10, how can you rate the expression on their face?

9. Do you ever daydream having sex?
Men always want to know if their women always daydream having sex with them. What is the experience of daydreaming having sex and does it make you want him when he comes home?

ponfmw8z0k1n7hu10. What is it with your boobs that turn you on?
Men love touching women boobs as it turns them on. So, what is it with the boobs?

11. What are your weirdest fantasies when it comes to sex? Well, if you are married, then you should know this but when it comes to adult entertainment, men love to be in a position where the woman loves it most.

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