3 Steps to Ensuring Your Climax

A large proportion of women find it difficult to reach orgasm through sexual intercourse.

13849588800-cr-180x110If you’re one of them, you may feel as though it’s “no big deal” or that the pleasure gained from the intimacy alone is “enough” to satisfy you. Those are, of course, very valid points of view, but I believe that it is every woman’s prerogative to experience orgasm each and every time she has sex. Optimistically speaking, she should be thinking toward having multiple orgasms during intercourse.

So, to my mind, accepting a sex life without orgasm simply isn’t an option.

And the truth of the matter is that reaching climax doesn’t have to be hard, but we’re lead to believe it is, with stories about the “mysterious and elusive female orgasm.” Let me ask you this ladies, how elusive is your orgasm when you masturbate? So, we know that the female orgasm isn’t a mystery, and it doesn’t have to be hard, excuse the pun, to come by. In fact, the following thee steps will help you ensure your climax.

1. Make Sure You are Completely Aroused

The first, and most important, step in achieving orgasm is to make sure that you’re as aroused as aroused can be. In other words, make sure that your body is screaming to be touched, before you allow his hands or any other part of his body to stray south of your waist. If your lover is not so hot on foreplay, try and encourage him to linger a little over the kissing, caressing and teasing. Make sure that you lavish lots of attention on him too, so that it’s mutually enjoyable. That way, he’s likely to want more!

2. Banish All Other Thoughts and Relax

13853814370-cr-180x110For many women, the answer to their inability to orgasm is quite literally all in their heads. Stress, anxiety and unwanted thoughts of household chores, work and family obligations will do nothing for your libido, nor will they do anything for your ability to climax. Try to ensure you’re as relaxed as possible by pampering yourself, taking a bath or doing something else that makes you feel good, before engaging in sex.

3. Don’t Assume it Has to be a Vaginal Orgasm

Lots of women, and men, believe that the vaginal orgasm is superior and, in general, the more desirable kind of orgasm. Well, the quality of various orgasms could be debated until the cows come home, but the point is that vaginal orgasm doesn’t always happen and for, some women, doesn’t happen at all. Clitoral orgasm, however, feels pretty darn good and, as long as the above steps are in place, they are relatively easy to achieve. Incidentally, if you’re not getting enough clitoral stimulation during intercourse, don’t feel embarrassed about stimulating yourself. I guarantee, your lover won’t mind. In fact, he’s likely to find it highly arousing!

If you’ve experienced difficulty reaching climax during sex, try these three simple steps and notice the difference in the amount of pleasure you receive. Once you’ve had a taste of a mutually fully-satisfying sex life, you won’t ever want to go back.

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