A must do list for the bachelor party

Bachelor parties have grown in scope becoming the main parties with very epic events happening. Don’t be surprised of the things you can find at a bachelor party to do list. The unimaginable things that bachelors can do as they say bye to one of theirs leaving the club. These are the things the boys have done together for years and now want to do it for the final time for one of theirs. Bachelor parties that lack some level of debauchery are not the type of parties that your boys will love. Bachelor parties are get together of for pussies, If you don’t believe so then stop the hell reading this. There you go; I know you would keep reading. This is an article for real men; prepare yourself as things get nasty and dirty.

BachelorPartyFirstly, the party must follow all the universal laws of bachelor parties. The groom has no say on the location of the party. Decisions about the location must be left to the best man. The only choice the groom has is choosing the groom and trusting him to do the right thing. There should not exist any evidence of the party ever existing once it’s over. There should not be any mention of the party in the presence of the opposite sex, and it is the responsibility of the best man to get the groom back to the hotel room safely.

Once the rules have been set our clearly, it is time to get down to the serious business of the to-do list. The list must cover the following areas:


The best locations are usually hotel suites or in some good basement of one of the friends. The strip club is the worst, but you might find yourself changing locations when drunk.

Amount of alcohol

Well, plan to have as many brands of alcohol as possible. Once you have every brand and the right amount, go ahead and add it to 50% more just in case it ends. A bachelor party running out of alcohol is a disaster.


A good bachelor party must have strippers of all kinds. It is important to get strippers from an agency that are well trained and know how to make the party rock.

Paying the Strippers

You must pay the strippers early in advance and plan on how you will be feeding them as they bring their A-game to the party.

Pre-party activities

You need to get some activities to set the right mood for the party. You can go out golfing early in the day. If you love bowling, then go out together and have some good times. Gambling is also a good alternative just to kick in the right mood.

Party activities

2977621_origWell, this is where the main activities start and end. Come up with creative ideas on how to make the party awesome. Drinking and dancing with some of the strippers is obvious but there are several others things you can do. The following are some things you can easily do during the party:

  • Handcuffing the groom to the light pole
  • The groom must to have sex with one of the strippers after the party; the strippers must be open about this
  • A blow job for the groom
  • Doing shots
  • Dancing with two women at once
  • Stuffing a dollar in someone’s underwear
  • Getting a girl to kiss or spank you like the boys watch

The number of things to be done is endless, but the aim is to have fun to the fullest. These are things the groom might not do again once he ties the knot.

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