Las Vegas Adult Shows and Events

Las Vegas is probably the only city in the world with the highest numbers of adult shows. If new to Vegas, there are hundreds of places you can visit for eh very best of the adult entertainment industry. Getting to know of the best joints in the city can give you the absolute fan in Vegas. You will need like a week to sample just a few of the adult shows in Las Vegas. So, what are the best adult shows in Las Vegas to get you going?

1) Jubilee
Jubilee at the Bally’s is what you can expect when it comes to classic topless in Vegas. The shows girls bring you the best of what Vegas has to offer. They show plenty of skin and their curvy bodies leaving men asking for more. The girls are well organized and produce a very entertaining event that will keep you attending every time you visit.

The girls at Fantasy will leave you wanting to spend some time with one of them. They share their theater at Luxor with the Carrot Top. They are very entertaining with the girl at the middle singing original songs. The show gets even better when you get to watch the Carrot Top take her clothes off. Find out more here.

3) Absinthe
Going as from $97, the Absinthe takes you back to the times of the Caesar Palace. You will get the chance to see topless men perform very entertaining bodies as you get to watch the best of the bodies. They perform entertaining acrobatics while their adult and humor only cast leaves laughing with sexy moves on the stage. The host of the show is a foul mouthed guy with a very vulgar assistant who will leave you laughing. Find out more here.

4) Crazy Girls
The Crazy Girls are one of the longest topless shows in Las Vegas and one that will give men a very entertaining evening. The show is well known for inspiring the creation of the iconic bronze statue outside The Riviera. The dancer poses in resemblance to the statue, and it feels good to touch them. The show brings out the very best girls from around the world to keep you fantasizing for the very best from them. It is a great way to start your stay in Las Vegas as it shows you what you can expect.

5) The nightly X Burlesque
The nightly X Burlesque hosted at the Flamingo has been shown there for the past 12 years. No show lasts for that long without attracting a good audience. Well, the audience keeps coming as the show offer the very best of Las Vegas. The gorgeous ladies in the show will give you some of the best titillating dance moves that will make men want to join them. The dance involves a bathtub. Yeah, you heard me right, a bathtub. So make sure you get the VIP seats to get the very best from this show.

The number of adult shows in Las Vegas is endless, and one has to choose what best suits their needs. You don’t have to go to the very best clubs in Vegas to have some of the very best times in life. Every club in Vegas whether in the low end or high end will offer you some of the very best times.

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