Las Vegas Guide for Men

For guys planning a visit to Las Vegas, I will let you on one secret; Las Vegas is a trap, and you might be trapped there if you are not careful. Las Vegas is a city of everything from dreams to nightmares, riches to rags, victories to defeats and much more. The city is beautiful, wonderful and designed in a way to give you the best moments of your life but also take all your money. Well, it can also get you money depending on what you’ve come to do.

Las Vegas police investigate following a traffic accident in front of the Planet Hollywood Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada, near the hotel and casino where the Miss Universe pageant was being held, December 20, 2015. REUTERS/David Becker - RTX1ZJLV

However, if you are a guy looking to have the best moments of your life, the city can give everything you have ever dreamed of to you. You will pay for the services, but it is not like been mugged or conned. It is money well spent, and you have some level of control over it. You need to plan well how much you will spend in Vegas, but my advice is that you carry enough money. If you are the kind of guy who loves the company of gorgeous ladies, they are in plenty so carry enough money with you. A $200 room per night is close to average so you can imagine how much you can spend in a week.

Hiring an escort on your visit will be a good idea as they understand the city well and will give you a tour of all the best places to have fun. You can book an escort before your arrival by looking into some of the best escort agencies online and select a woman of your dreams. These agencies usually have a profile of women working with them making it easier to choose someone of your choice. The escort might pick you from the airport or even come to your hotel. The agency company is usually paid some fee, but you have to agree on the rest of the money with the escorts depending on what you want and how long you want to spend with her.


Once in Vegas, you need to choose the type of activities that will give you the fun moments you have been dreaming to enjoy all the time. Obviously for men, women, drinking, gambling, buffet and drinking is what they all desire. These are the five things you must engage in before you leave Vegas to have the ultimate experience of what Las Vegas has to offer. However, there is no need to rush into all those expensive Las Vegas where you are charged a premium cost while you can get everything in small joints. Boobs in Las Vega are in plenty so don’t be fooled by how fancy a club is set.

Enjoying the best times in Vegas requires every new guy visiting to know the best joints where you can get the best deals. Learn the best-eating joints. When you enter a club and find fine gorgeous ladies drinking some coffee or tea, well those are most probably escorts and are at work. The low-end clubs will save you some money and give you better chances of finding some girls. Tipping the bartender something like $10 is advised for you to get the best service.

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