Nice Day For A Swim

On an unusually warm late spring day, I rode on my motorcycle to the beach and it was empty. Then I remembered that I forgot my swimming trunks!

“The beach is empty, if somebody will arrive by car I will hear that, because a parking place not close and I will hear voices too.”

So I decided to swim without anything, go naked in lake’s water,and swam for 10-15 min, THEN…I hear voices in the bushes! I run out from water,but…it was too late. Two cute 18-20 years old girls on BIKES appear from the bushes.That’s why I didn’t hear them before!

They saw very clear how one completely naked guy, ran out the lake to get clothes. I put my shorts on and sunbathed near them. One girl sunbathed for a while, then started swimming,
another stayed on the coast of the lake. The weather was really hot, and I wanted to swim too, but didn’t want to swim in shorts.

I waited another 10 min. One girl was still swimming,
another just laying on the beach.
Then I decided to swim naked. I walked to the coast of the lake, and asked the girl on the beach: ” I hope I’m not disturbing you, if I will swim that way?”
In same time I took my shorts off and looked on girl
(From that moment I was completely naked again).
She smiled and said:”Not at all”.
She was trying NOT to look at my body, but she was really curious and peeping me anyway. At same time “swimming” girl was coming out of water,so she saw my whole body very well. She smiled too 🙂
I swam for a while, thinking at same time:
“They are waiting for me, to see me again, when I come out of the water.” I have been in the water a pretty long time – they were still there! I walked out of the lake, picked up my shorts , and walked (wet and naked) to the place,where I left my other clothes.
I walked so closely by the girls so they could see me again perfectly. I stopped at “my place” on the beach and start sunbathing naked, so they had a good view of me.
They were talking with each other, sometimes peeping on me and smiling.
After 10-15 minutes they left, but when they leave, one girl said “Bye!” smiled, looked on my body last time and I has read in her eyes “Thank you very much!”

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