What Happens When A Client Falls In Love With An Escort?

Few professionals can be intimate and this includes escorting and sometime the relationship that was meant to be business, may end up becoming pleasure. For men who worry that they may be falling in love with the best escorts, then they have to consider first who the person is and what turned her into escort. A woman who decides to become an escort, she may be having different values as yourself. The escort will be having experience and encounter which the regular woman is not able to encounter. The experience which is faced by the prostitute, it will affect their own emotions and this can be in a negative manner. Some women do not want to hear the idea that they can meet only one man while they have been meeting different men.

68However, it is possible for a man to fall in love with a prostitute and for a prostitute to fall in love with the client if she is open to let the love in her live. However, men can find out that the escort is not ready to and it is hard for men to be respectful to the needs of a woman. Sometime the escort may agree to keep a man as a lover but refuses to give up her own job. It is hard for the prostitute to be accustomed to living with just one man while they have another lifestyle and they are accustomed to independence.

Sometime men may not be willing to give up on their women, but women may want to avoid hurting these men who really love them and they may be too confused and not willing to change their lifestyle.

At the same time, the escorts also can fall for the clients. This also becomes tricky. The relationship can be tricky because the escort may not be willing to commit or she may not want to compromise her own work. Some escorts can be in relationship with men who have been their clients before. However, they want their boyfriends to have money so that they can support them financial and to help them keep up with the lifestyle they are used to. Men who can support the escort generously and lovingly, they can keep the relationship with an escort for long.

Another reason why men may have a hard time falling in love with a prostitute is how the job has been stigmatized. Escorting or sex industry has been degraded, stigmatized, devalued and generalized. Some men also do not want the idea of having their women running around and sleeping with anyone they find. Men want good women who are modest and chaste and can have sex only when they are allowed to do so.

When a woman gets the sex only for pleasure, it is something viewed to be bad and wrong. This means that escorts are viewed to have loose morals, they can be terrible person and they have already been condemned by the society. Social condemnation and exclusion prevent others against defying norms that have already been set. This can be a reason why most men would not think about falling in love with an escort.

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